The Wonderful Wilderness where we live!

While traversing through the Jock Safari Lodge concession, the wildlife can be staggering in its diversity.  Our Rangers and staff photograph and video amazing sightings and lucky for us that they love sharing them with us.

One of the special perks of staying at Jock Safari Lodge is that guests are not confined to vehicles.  A walk in the wilderness or a stop for a hot or cold beverage on game drive is one of the privileges of staying at Jock Safari Lodge.  Our exceptional Rangers will choose breath-taking vantage spots of the Kruger National Park for sundowners and sunrises.

Wilderness walks with our rangers in an area that is renowned for its intense big 5 sightings is an unforgettable experience.

If you have missed any of our Ranger or staff videos  shared on our Facebook page recently, then we hope you will enjoy this recap.


A lion is called the king of beasts for a reason – the Thomson males 4km N of Afsaal on the H3 just before 07:00 in the morning.
Video by Belinda Strauss


One of the rarest finds on safari, a pangolin, and some guests were lucky enough to see this on their first game drive!

Ranger Jan Kriel had this incredible sighting of elephants interacting with a leopard. How great is the camouflage of the leopard?

We are in the peak of dry season, here in the Kruger. The remaining waterholes are attracting huge herds of elephants, making for some brilliant game viewing, right on our doorstepVideo by Jan Kriel

Sometimes with a bit of patience you get rewarded with a surprise!

Some days finding members of the Big 5 just seems to be easy. Ranger Jan Kriel had this great sighting with his guests.

We look forward to welcoming you home to Jock Safari Lodge soon!

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