Update on our recently rescued baby rhino JEMU

Myself, my daughter Savanna & her friend Abi had the privilege of visiting Care For Wild Africa this week, the rehabilitation centre that specialises in the rescue, care and rehabilitation of rhinos. JEMU arrived at the Rhino Sanctuary on the 12th November 2016.

Her blindfold has since been removed and she is responding very well. JEMU was put in the boma with another orphan, Zac, who is an 8-month young male, and they have been mingling, bonding and interacting incredibly well.

Feeding time has been very exciting, JEMU is even coming up to get her feeding bottles when she is called. She gets 2 x 2-litre bottles at each feeding time, which at the moment is 7 times a day. She is also eating well, and enjoying a mixture of fresh green grass and Teff grass.

Another huge thank you to Petronel and Dot and their team at CFW, unquestionably and without doubt a rhino stronghold! Story & photos by Belinda Strauss

Abi giving milk to the other orphan, Zac.

JEMU in the front & new friend ZAC after receiving their milk.

Savanna giving baby JEMU one of her milk feeds for the day.

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