Baby Rhino given a Fighting Chance

This weekend, the Jock Environmental Monitoring Unit (JEMU), at Jock Safari Lodge, located a 4-month old rhino calf wondering around the Jock Concession, all by itself, here in the Kruger National Park.

This was a clear indication that the Mother was dead. A carcass was later found, which could be her Mother, killed by poachers for her horns.

The Regional Section Ranger was contacted and within 30 minutes a helicopter with help was on its way. The small calf was darted and airlifted to a Rhino Sanctuary close to the Kruger National Park. There was a great team effort by everyone that was involved to ensure that this little one has a fighting chance.

In these desperate times every rhino’s life that we can save will contribute to the success of the rhinos. Young rhino that lose their Mothers will only survive a night or two in the wild before being killed by lion or hyena.

The Rhino Sanctuary named her “Jemu”, after our Team that found and helped save her. We will keep everyone posted on her process but word is that she doing well! Click here to see the video from the Rhino Sanctuary.

Blog by General Manager, Louis Strauss

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