Jock Supports Further Anti-Poaching Organisation in Africa

Three respected and passionate non-profit organisations (NPO’s) making strides to protect and safeguard our national wildlife heritage benefited from a fundraising and awareness evening attended by Louis and Belinda Strauss on the 29th June at the Morningside Country Club on behalf of Jock Safari Lodge, which sponsored a prize in the fundraising raffle draw on the evening.

Key NPO’s at the forefront of wildlife conservation in Africa shared their work with attendees. These included: the ‘Pit-Track K9 Anti-Poaching and Conservation Unit’,  devoted to the preservation of all water, flora, fauna and animals with prioritisation to endangered species; ‘Captured in Africa’, which aims to mitigate and safeguard lions and other wildlife in the wild and ‘Saving the Survivors’, which cares for rhino that have fallen victim to poaching.

One of the event organisers Alexandra Parkins said, “We felt there is strength in numbers so the idea of joining a few like-minded NPOs, raising funds for them, while getting the word out there about key conservation issues seemed like the thing to do.

It’s a war out there for our wildlife, anti-poaching rangers, along with anyone going to extreme lengths safeguarding animals – and people need to know this. It’s not an arbitrary newsworthy item, we are losing our heritage and we do not want that to happen on our watch, added Parkins.


Blog by Belinda Strauss

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